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How it Works:

–> Get to Know You: We get to know you and your target, ideal audience.

–> Interview Coaching Session: We craft your compelling story, memorable message and powerful call-to-action to make sure your interviews make an impact.  We also make sure you have the right audio gear to sound like a pro.

–> Make You Look Like a Star: Then we create your custom speaker bio sheet that you can use for future speaking engagements. 

–> Select the Best Shows: Using our Proprietary Show Ranking System, we select the best shows for you to create influence in your space.

–> Pitch You to the Host: We reach out to our network of hosts to see if you’re a match.

–> Book You On the Shows: We use a shared calendar system to schedule you on the shows.

–> Get You Prepared: We supply you with a prep sheet for each appearance so you can be at your best.

–> Promote You: When your shows publish, we promote you on our social network (80,000+).

–> Partnership: As a client of Command Your Brand we want a long-term relationship and share you with our network to help you build a legacy.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Dustin Mathews

Dustin Mathews

“I appeared on 45 podcasts to launch my book No BS Presentations to best-seller!”

Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery

“Appearing on podcasts helped me to get my first Forbes feature!”

Grant Wise

Grant Wise

“Getting on podcasts helped me to generate an additional half a million dollars in just two months!”

Do You Have Any Questions?

Can I do this on my own?

You can! If you have the time to go through over 300,000 podcasts, find the ones with your specific target audience that have an active listenership, pitch yourself to them and hope to get accepted, schedule a date and time that works for both you and the host…. It’s a lot easier to work with a podcast public relations team that specializes in this area and a co-founder that is a top podcast host himself that knows the space from the inside!

How many people will listen to each podcast show?

The size of audience does not always matter, but rather the information that you have to give and their level engagement with the host. We will position you on different types of shows to give the right listener a chance to find you. We will also share our strategies with you to get more attention far into the future, even after the episode has aired.

Do you guarantee that I will get on the shows or do I pay and hope for the best?

Unlike regular public relations agencies, we are able to guarantee that you will get on the number of shows your purchased.

How much does it cost?

It costs less than one month of a public realtions agency retainer and has a guarentee of number of shows!

How long does the whole process take?

It’s pretty quick. You can usually be getting on your first show within a month.

Who is this service best for?

We really believe that our service is great for anyone looking to get some major exposure and gain more business as a result. Our clients consist of Authors, Consultants, Health Professionals, Service Providers, Startups and more.

Can I promote my product or service on the shows?

We help you craft your message so you don’t sound salesy or self promoting.  Show up willing to serve the audience with a strong call to action and you will grow your own following.

Meet Our Team…

Brielle Slate

Brielle Slate


Jeremy Slate

Jeremy Slate


Brooke Craven

Brooke Craven

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