Using Podcasting to Refine Your Message

Once upon a time, traditional media was a communicator’s only means of obtaining any sort of publicity for his or her brand. Those days, perhaps much simpler, did not offer the abundance of communicative opportunity new media has to entrance professionals around the...

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15 Celebrity Podcasters You Need to Know

  Podcasts are growing in importance, as well as a media that is being consumed more and more. Celebrity podcasters are beginning to flood into the field enhancing their own credibility as well as that of the podcasting field. Podcast listeners are for the most part...

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The Podcast History that You May Not Know

  The “Podfather,” Adam Curry   Although the term “podcast” is still fairly new, the general idea has been around for quite a while, podcast history is quite an interesting journey. Before the early 2000’s the podcast was known as “audioblogging”. While web radio had...

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